Groundwater is hidden under the surface so investigation of hydrogeological processes requires specialized techniques and is typically associated with a large uncertainty. Selection of the right investigation methods is critical to understand the groundwater system and reduce uncertainty. A single method is likely to yield an incomplete picture and most of the time, a multi-method approach, tailored towards the investigation’s objectives, is the key to success.

Edinsi Groundwater specializes in a wide range of investigation methods, including

  • groundwater level data collection
  • hydrochemical data collection and interpretation
  • application of isotope tracers
  • geophysics

Edinsi Groundwater advocates the ‘model early’ approach, which means that model simulations are used as early as possible during a project to assist in identifying appropriate conceptual models of a groundwater system. This often works better than the sequential approach in which the modelling isn’t started until after the field investigations. Starting the modelling when the data set is still incomplete enables fine-tuning the data collection efforts because it shows which information is critical and which parameters are the most sensitive. By continuously updating the model with newly-collected data, and adjusting the field investigations based on insights from the model, one converges to a better understanding of the groundwater system.

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